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Upcoming Webinars
Aug 12
ClickLearn Q&A Session  Thursday, Aug 12 2021 10:30 CEST In this open session, we encourage you to please bring your questions about ClickLearn Classic or ClickLearn Attain, and we will try to answer them all. To help our trainer be fully prepared for any questions, feel free to email him your questions before the webinar on LHE@clicklearn.com.
Aug 17
ClickLearn Attain Replay Training  Tuesday, Aug 17 2021 14:00 CEST In this session, we will go through the Replay functionality of ClickLearn, including the basic Replay functions. During the webinar we will cover how to manage and prepare data for replay. The webinar is suited for ClickLearn authors who want to learn how to use Replay to automatically update and translate their existing work instructions with ClickLearn. Participants are required to have a basic understanding of recording and editing with ClickLearn.

This video provides a basic introduction for authors getting ready to start using ClickLearn. We will demonstrate the basic process of installing ClickLearn, how to prepare your system prior to recording, recording with ClickLearn, basic editing and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.


This is a 1½ hour video, were we will go through the main features in ClickLearn, required for getting you started properly. Please make sure that you have at least one license installed and ready to use together with the relevant application.


Learn how to produce a learning portal with ClickLearn, and understand which files are produced and how to access them.


In this video we will show you how to produce your content with ClickLearn, and how to publish you content to a webserver.


This tutorial shows the very basics of the ClickLearn studio; the producer in action. With the click of a single button, ClickLearn will produce HTML, Word-documents, PDF's, Videos, Hands-on-labs, Tests and Virtual Assistants, that guide the user through the complete process within their live system.


Learn how to integrate the work instructions you build with ClickLearn, directly into MS Dynamics NAV's own online help, which end users access via F1. Also a look into the regionalization features, the tagging system and of course the automated creation of table-of-contents and indices.


This webinar covers how to manage and prepare data for replay and how to use Replay for Automated Process Testing and Robotic Process Automation. The content is suited for ClickLearn authors who wants to learn how to use Replay to automatically update and translate their existing work instructions with ClickLearn, or for APT or RPA.


This course is designed for ClickLearn authors and covers all basic aspects of recording, edit and producing work instructions


In this video we will show you how to create and publish a complete IFS learning portal with ClickLearn.


This video provides a brief introduction to the Replay feature, and how it can be used to update your work instructions when dealing with system upgrades. We also recommend authors participate in a Replay webinar to fully master the Replay feature.


In this video you will learn to understand the basics of using ClickLearn Replay with IFS for various scenarios


Learn how to automate your testing with ClickLearn's Robotic Process Automation - how you can combine several processes into one test.